Fellowship elections participation

Jonas Oberg jonas at fsfe.org
Tue Apr 25 17:15:48 UTC 2017


> I can understand the logic for moving away from the word fellow, but I
> think the word "supporter" might not be ideal either.  One challenge
> with the word "supporter" is that it implies supporters are on the
> outside of the organization.

If we accept that Fellows by and large consider their involvement in the
FSFE to be a monetary one, then it follows naturally that the voting
turnout will be lower, and indeed, that "fellows" are somewhat "outside"
the organisation.

There is some basis for this conclusion: in 2014, we did a stakeholder
survey as part of a strategy group work. One of the questions asked was
"How did you participate / contribute in FSFE?"

Among the Fellows, about 80% answered "Donation" to that question, and
the rest "Volunteer". So the active volunteers in the group of Fellows
is about 20%.

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