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Sorry to hi-jack the general assembly thread to reply to the article on

I personally tend to disagree with any extremist idea and have to say, even
though I'd love to be in the world described in Daniel's article, I still
am for compromises:-)

A world without compromise and tolerance is not different than the world
full of dictatorship or slavery. I know it sounds like a paradox and it
actually is a paradox. By surrounding yourself with the restrictions and
walls you do nothing but imprison yourself and it is the same with
proprietary software.

I personally try to avoid the usage of proprietary solutions but at the
same time I don't consider a big tragedy if I happen to have to use
proprietary software where there is no equivalent offered.

What I am trying to say is that, in my opinion, it is thanks to its
interoperability and integration (with non-free environments) that free and
open source software achieved a magnificent success for the last 17yrs.

I say 17 years because it is 17 years I am using free software and I
actively promote it whenever I have/get a chance, I use every opportunity
to do that. I'd like to remark the word promoting and not forcing people to
use free software:-)

Sorry Daniel but I have to go with Jonas on this one and actually I'd love
to have a discussion on this topic whenever needed.


On Wed, Apr 12, 2017 at 9:23 AM, Jonas Oberg <jonas at fsfe.org> wrote:

> Hi!
> > I've published another blog on planet[1] today with some of my own views
> > on leadership in free software.
> For those favoring a direct link, Daniel's post is here:
>   https://danielpocock.com/risks-of-using-proprietary-software
> But I do encourage people to use and follow the Planet regularly too.
> I will certainly want to respond to Daniel's post to continue the
> discussion, especially as I don't quite agree with it :-)
> I'm happy to hear others weigh in on this discussion, and others. It's
> only through such open debates we can progress in our thinking and
> everyone's thoughts contribute to shaping the self-conception of the FSFE.
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