FSFE General Assembly Fellowship Representative Election

Daniel Pocock daniel at pocock.pro
Tue Apr 11 05:39:31 UTC 2017

On 10/04/17 19:20, Albert Dengg wrote:
> hi, On Mon, Apr 10, 2017 at 06:41:52PM +0200, Paul Boddie wrote: 
> ...
>> I understand that things do get mixed up, but I think it was
>> pretty unfortunate that an event was announced and then occurred
>> at another time. I found out about it on the wiki, obviously,
>> whose recent changes page I tend to follow. (I accept that this
>> makes me somewhat unusual, but it is a habit that has proved
>> useful when moderating and administering wiki sites.)
> i used to read the changelog of _all_ wiki pages for quite some 
> time.
>> Now, I did have a brief conversation with Jonas about this on
>> IRC, and it is possible that I didn't get an e-mail announcing
>> the meeting - my Fellowship renewal was occurring during this
>> period, so I might not have been on the right list at that point
>> - but what worries me is that there doesn't seem to be much said
>> in public about the topic at all. I could be as unkind as to say
>>  that an election with little discussion around it probably isn't
>> being taken very seriously by very many people.
> i obviously can't speak for other people, personally i do think 
> that they are importand, though i cannot say what went wrong here, 
> as i was not involved the organization of the election.

I noticed there were long lead times between the call for nominations,
the closing of nominations and the start of voting.

If the time between the close of nominations (10 February) and start
of voting (10 April) is not really being used for campaigning then
maybe those dates should be closer together.

>> [...]
>>> i would recommend to ask them directly to take part in that,
>>> either to write more in the wiki or take part in i a discussion
>>> here as i'm not shure if they are subscribed to this list.
>> I think that this is perhaps another problem. No-one wants to
>> spend all their time on the Internet discussing and arguing about
>> things, but if people aren't on this list or on some other list
>> where they can engage with the electorate, then what kind of
>> representation do we have?
> well, at least two of the candidates are definitly here...however 
> since not everybody knows all maillinglist, i just wanted to point 
> it out

For discussions (mailing list, board meeting, etc) to lead to action
it is really useful for people to propose a course of action.  E.g. if
somebody says "FSFE should spend $10,000 on foo", that provides a
specific action that people can discuss.

I've seen many discussions in different communities where no specific
action is proposed or where there is no sign of a volunteer who is
willing to undertake the proposed effort.



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