FSFE: Replicant needs your help!

Kurtis Hanna kurtis at riseup.net
Thu Apr 6 21:16:00 UTC 2017


I'm Kurtis with the Replicant project. To begin, I want to thank you all
for promoting Replicant [1][2][3]! I am messaging you today asking for
your assistance. Our developer, Wolfgang, has ported 3 devices to
Replicant 6.0 so far. Replicant 6.0 is based on LineageOS 13.0, which is
the successor to CyanogenMod 13.0. You can read more about this work
here [4] and here [5]. He is also working on a GTA04 [6] port right now,
which is very exciting. Our other devices all have non-free bootloaders
at the moment, and we have always wanted to port to a phone that can run
with 100% free software.

Here's the issue, Wolfgang is in need of more devices in order to port
them to Replicant 6.0.

We would love it if the FSFE could assist us. Perhaps you, or someone
you know, has an old android laying around that isn't being used.
Wouldn't it be cool if you could turn that old device into fuel for a
free software engine? Well, maybe you can! Check the list below.

Devices would need to be shipped to Munich, Germany. It is preferred
that devices be donations to the project, so that he can keep them
updated with monthly security updates. If you can only loan the device
for a certain period of time, but you can pay shipping to and from
Germany, please contact Wolfgang about the details and see if that would
be helpful. Here is how you can get in touch with him to arrange
shipment or ask questions about potential device donations/loans:

Here's the list of devices that we believe can be ported to Replicant
6.0 if we can get our hands on them:

(Please be mindful of the product numbers, as not all device names are
the same hardware)

Galaxy Note: GT-N7000

Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 Family: GT-P3100, GT-P3110, GT-P3113, GT-P5100,
GT-P5110, GT-P5113

Galaxy Nexus: I9250

Galaxy S3: I9300

Bonus device: Optimus Black - P970

The Optimus Black has been continuously worked on for years by our other
developers, GNUtoo and PaulK. [7] They are trying to liberate the
bootloader on it, but it is slow work. It'd be great if Wolfgang could
work on porting it to Replicant 6.0 while they work to liberate the

Lastly, if you don't have any of these devices and can't figure out how
to convince other people to look through their desk drawers and closets
to see if they have one, you can still help! Wolfgang is accepting
Bitcoin, cash, checks, and wire transfers[8]!

Oh, and don't be a stranger! We are always looking for testers,
developers, and moral support. Connect with us via these methods[9].

Peace & Solidarity,

[1] https://fsfe.org/campaigns/android/liberate.en.html
[2] https://fsfe.org/campaigns/android/help.en.html
[3] https://wiki.fsfe.org/Activities/Android
[4] https://blog.replicant.us/ (sorry, we will be fixing our TLS soon)
[5] https://blog.fossencdi.org/
[6] http://projects.goldelico.com/p/gta04-main/
[8] https://blog.fossencdi.org/donations.html
[9] https://redmine.replicant.us/projects/replicant/wiki#Contact

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