Winners announced - some still to be checked (was: Re: Update about research, missing ones (was: Re: Technical Research required for Sharing and Reuse Award 2017))

Matthias Kirschner mk at
Thu Apr 6 11:41:06 UTC 2017

Last week I was at the event where the winners were announced. Here the
press release about it:

On our wiki page we gathered information about the shortlisted projects: but
we are lacking information for some of the winners. 

Would anyone here be able to check the remaining ones? I spoke with the
European Commission, and they are interested in feedback from us on

1. 15.000 Spain gvSIG
2. 10.000 Finland - Oskari
3. Barcelona - Sentilo
4. France - Name of the solution: Citadel on the Move

1. 15.000 Ministry Finance Supervizor (not checked yet):
2. 10.000 PDOK (Public Services On the Map)
3. Germany OSiP Online-Sicherheitsprüfung (is there a reply about the source code yet?)
4. Netherlands AERIUS (not checked yet)

1. 15.000 France Territoires Numériques Bourgogne-Franche-Comté (not checked)
2. 5.000 Belgium  ??? (not checked) + Gebruikersbeheer en Toegangsbeheer van de Vlaamse overheid (Identity and Access Management Platform of the Flemish Government) (not checked):
2. 5.000 MAGDA Platform (not checked):
3. Spain REGWEB –Input and output register 
4. Greece  Citizen’s Guide of the Region of Epirus (partly proprietary)

1. 15.000 iA.Solutions (not checked)
2. 10.000 OpenSpendingAustria
3. SEDIPUALB@ (Administrative Management Services) (There is neither
   licence nor source code repo. It's a suite of web apps that the province
   government of Albacete develops and offers to any of the province's
   municipalities to use. )
4. Antwerp City Platform as a Service (ACPaaS) (not checked)


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