Help for requesting to liberate a software

Nico Rikken nico.rikken at
Wed Apr 5 18:12:39 UTC 2017

Dear Kaartic,

Great find, and I agree a free license could make this a better
project. From our point of view that is.
Some developers are not aware of free software licenses at all, some
are but still choose not to adopt a free software license. That's why I
consider you sentence 'It would have been better if' too judgmental.

As you might have found out, the project page [1] highlights how other
Android apps might integrate. Also there was a question on the forums
about adding more languages [3].


So if I were to write an email, I would adopt a slightly different

Hi, great you're delivering value, not tied to online services!
Have you considered a free software license?
A free software license would enable others to contribute to your
Contributions can come by bug reports, code, infrastructure,
documentation and translations.
I've seen more translations are requested [3], perhaps native speakers
might be motivated to contribute to your effort.
A free software license shows users you care about their digital
freedoms, and this motivates users to use your software, and contribute
to it.
If you'd like more information, or assistance, feel free to contact me.
If I cannot help you directly, I know plenty of other community members
who would like to help an awesome project like yours adopt a free
software license.
Kind regards.

Even if you were to use your stated e-mail, I think you'd be doing
great. Also you might consider posting on the forum, hoping that others
might chip in.

One last tip: I have found it to be more valuable to start a
conversation with a small initial email, rather than dumping a highly
detailed wall of text which might put people off.

Please share the results of your effort.

Kind regards,

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