[summit] Please share your feedback and pictures

Erik Albers eal at fsfe.org
Thu Sep 15 09:50:22 UTC 2016

Dear friends and Fellows of FSFE,

the summit is over and so far from the feedback we received, it seems like
participants enjoyed it and had a great time. Still, we are seeking for more
input and if you have been to the summit, we are eager to hear your feedback!

Please let us know what did you like and what not, what we should improve if
we would do it for another time or anything else you would like to let us
know. For the evaluation of our PR-activity it would also be interesting to
know from where did you hear about the summit?

You can give us feedback by sending an email to summit2016 at fsfe.org or by
writing into this etherpad: https://fsfe.titanpad.com/72

Also, we are preparing a page for everyone who could not have been with us at
the summit. The page shall collect the video recordings of the talks and
slides but also pictures of the venue, the speakers and the surrounding.
Besides archiving this information for our community, the page might also he
helpful this year in christmas fundraising. (many donors like visible
activities and pictures)

So, in case you made some pictures and videos of the summit, we would be
really delighted if you share (some of) them with us. You can upload your
pictures/videos here:


You should be fine that if we choose your picture(s), they will be published
CC-BY 4.0 or CC-BY-SA 4.0 or CC0. Means that if you have a preference, please
let us know. Also, when you upload your pictures, do not forget to let us know
who the author is! The easiest way to do so, would be to put your pictures in
a container with your name as container-name.

Best regards and thanks to everyone who made this event possible and who made
it worth happening by participating.

Best regards,

PS: please share this email with everyone you know who was at the summit but
maybe is not on this list.

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