Is there a small hacker friendly firewall for home use?

Daniel Pocock daniel at
Tue Sep 6 19:05:41 UTC 2016

On 6 September 2016 09:33:58 BST, Miguel Tavares <mtavares at> wrote:
>Hello Max,
>Thx for the reply. APU2 looks interesting more for a home server than
>just to serve as a firewall to the home IoT and multimedia devices.
>I was actually looking more into a small router/firewall. I found out
>that there's some options, like rooting a small tp-link router I
>own or just buying a router that already comes with OpenWRT by default.
>This last options are considerably more affordable (~30€) than an APU2
>(~130€). The possible drawback is that the firmware probably contains
>binary blobs (I'm not sure if it does, I couldn't find out yet).

Some of the really cheap routers (including many tp-link) have trouble powering some USB devices.

If you plan to use USB devices (especially modems) then you need to limit the choices.  After having bad experiences with tp-link, I bought a more expensive Buffalo and have been happy with it.

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