Is there a small hacker friendly firewall for home use?

Miguel Tavares mtavares at
Tue Sep 6 08:33:58 UTC 2016

Hello Max,

Thx for the reply. APU2 looks interesting more for a home server than
just to serve as a firewall to the home IoT and multimedia devices.

I was actually looking more into a small router/firewall. I found out
that there's some options, like rooting a small tp-link router I already
own or just buying a router that already comes with OpenWRT by default.
This last options are considerably more affordable (~30€) than an APU2
(~130€). The possible drawback is that the firmware probably contains
binary blobs (I'm not sure if it does, I couldn't find out yet).

For home server for now I have a old fan less intel NUC working fine.
When it needs updating a APU2 sure looks like a good option.

Maybe we FSFE should start a campaign on "free your home network" and
protect your home data (like the free your android). On the other hand..
time seems to be a resource most of us are running out of to even keep
the "free your android" campaign updated (my bad there too).


On 05-09-2016 23:45, Max Mehl wrote:
> Hi Miguel,
> # Miguel Tavares [2016-09-03 10:45 +0200]:
>> I was thinking of finding a device that would allow me to create a wifi
>> network for this home devices (such as TV and what's not), monitor the
>> connections created and have a white list of names and/or IP address
>> that connections would be allowed.
> Recently I heard the state of the art is using for example the APU2
> system by PC Engines, which is a fully Free Software compatible network
> device. For WiFi, PC Engines also sells compatible antennas. You can
> install a network firewall OS like IPFire or pfSense on it which should
> provide all features you mentioned (and lots more!).
> Never used it but heard a few good reports about it.
> Best,
> Max

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