Call for Sessions at the FSFE assembly during 33C3

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Hi all,

On 20.10.2016 12:19, Erik Albers wrote:
> as in previous years, the FSFE will organise an assembly during CCC including
> self-organised sessions. If you plan to go to 33C3 and you like to host a
> session, please read our call:
> Please also help spreading the call.

I forgot to add the text to simplify the information flow:

= Call for sessions at the FSFE assembly during 33C3 =

Every year, from December 27 to 30, there is the Chaos Communication Congress.
And, as in recent years, FSFE is happy to host an assembly that includes an
information booth, self-organised sessions and a meeting point for all friends
of Free Software to come together, share or simply relax.

This is our call for participation. We are happy to organise sessions in the
name of our assembly and we will book proper rooms or offer our assembly
itself. Sessions can be inspiring talks, hands-on workshops,
community/developer/strategy meetings or any other public, informative or
collaborative activity.

Topics can be anything that is about or related to Free Software. We welcome
technical sessions but we also encourage to give non-technical talks that
address philosophical, economical or other aspects of/about Free Software. We
also like sessions about related subjects that have a clear connection to Free
Software for example privacy, data protection, sustainability and similar
topics. Finally, we welcome all backgrounds – from your private project to
global community projects.

You have something different in mind? For our friends, it is also possible to
have informal meetings or activities at our assembly. In this case, get in
contact with me and we figure it out.

== Formalities ==

If you are interested in hosting a session at the FSFE assembly, please apply
no later than

	* Sunday, November 20, 18:00 UTC *

by sending an email to me (eal at fsfe dot org) with the subject “Session at
33C3” and use the following template:

    Title: name of your session
    Description: description of your session
    Type: talk / discussion / meeting / workshop …
    Tags: put useful tags here
    Link: (if there is a helpful link)
    Expected number of participants: 20 or less / up to 40 / up to 100
    About yourself: some words about you/your biography

You will be informed latest on Wednesday, November 23, if your session is

== Good to know ==

 - If your session is accepted we happily take care of its proper
   organisation, publicity and everything else that needs to be done. You are
   then welcome to simply come and give/host your session : )
   But this is neither a guarantee for a ticket nor do we take care of your
   ticket! Check this CCC-announcement [1] and get yourself a ticket in time.
   If you miss it, there is nothing we can do, even if we accepted your talk.
 - You do not need to be a Fellow of FSFE to host a session.
 - Please share this call with your friends or your favorite mailing list.


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