Idea: science packs for schools?

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Sat Nov 26 11:18:10 UTC 2016

Gordon Henderson (see Little man computer link) has also written Return
To Basics. which is a basic interpreter  for Linux and the Pi, as he
also wrote wiringPi libraries, then this is integrated with RTB (and
hence the pi gpio pins).  If you're familar with Fuze basic then that is
based on RTB,  longer story,  behind this which is not really mine to tell,

RTB is a modern basic so using procedures for example rather than line

you can install with apt-get install rtb, and you can also wget some
example programs.


On 26/11/16 00:50, Fran├žois Revol wrote:
> On 26/11/2016 01:21, Paul Boddie wrote:
>> They actually have a room of BBC Micros at Bletchley Park for
>> schoolchildren
>> to use, showing them what computing used to be about and confronting
>> them with
>> things like BASIC and maybe even assembly language (although I doubt
>> that they
>> really have time for BASIC tuition let alone assembly language).
> Oh, and there's a BASIC that runs on GNU/Linux also:
>> It is actually possible to do new machines based on such CPUs because
>> they are
>> still in production. I guess that was originally the vague idea behind
>> the
>> Raspberry Pi - the instigator prototyped it using Atmel AVRs (similar
>> to the
>> ones used in the Arduino), I think - and the users would have had a "bare
>> metal" experience similar to the microcomputers of old. However, the
>> project
>> picked up that Broadcom SoC and the rest is history.
> Some ppl are doing it for ORIC:
>> There are other "microcomputer" or "retrocomputer" projects such as
>> ELLO 2M:
>> These employ relatively small amounts of memory and microcontrollers, but
>> that's enough to run low-level code or some form of BASIC.
>> Interestingly, and
>> a reminder to everyone about the value of Free Software, that particular
>> project experienced problems using a proprietary BASIC and an apparently
>> uncooperative developer which could have had serious consequences for the
>> fulfilment of the rewards of the crowdfunding campaign in question:
> Oh and there are gaming consoles, like the Pico8, and the BitBox:
> Fran├žois.
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