Idea: science packs for schools?

Fran├žois Revol revol at
Sat Nov 26 00:50:54 UTC 2016

On 26/11/2016 01:21, Paul Boddie wrote:
> They actually have a room of BBC Micros at Bletchley Park for schoolchildren
> to use, showing them what computing used to be about and confronting them with
> things like BASIC and maybe even assembly language (although I doubt that they
> really have time for BASIC tuition let alone assembly language).

Oh, and there's a BASIC that runs on GNU/Linux also:

> It is actually possible to do new machines based on such CPUs because they are
> still in production. I guess that was originally the vague idea behind the
> Raspberry Pi - the instigator prototyped it using Atmel AVRs (similar to the
> ones used in the Arduino), I think - and the users would have had a "bare
> metal" experience similar to the microcomputers of old. However, the project
> picked up that Broadcom SoC and the rest is history.

Some ppl are doing it for ORIC:

> There are other "microcomputer" or "retrocomputer" projects such as ELLO 2M:
> These employ relatively small amounts of memory and microcontrollers, but
> that's enough to run low-level code or some form of BASIC. Interestingly, and
> a reminder to everyone about the value of Free Software, that particular
> project experienced problems using a proprietary BASIC and an apparently
> uncooperative developer which could have had serious consequences for the
> fulfilment of the rewards of the crowdfunding campaign in question:

Oh and there are gaming consoles, like the Pico8, and the BitBox:


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