Article "FRAND And The Clash Of Industries"

Thomas Doczkal mailinglist at
Fri Nov 25 22:42:18 UTC 2016

I agree with you. As a non-native speaker it's really difficult to read the text. I thought from the standpoint of translating this text but I am not able to do this.

I will re-read it later maybe reading it twice  make something more clear.


On July 18, 2016 11:21:16 AM GMT+02:00, Theo Schmidt <sus2006 at> wrote:
>I think the first paragraphs need to be rewritten in more easily
>understandable sentences and also include the point of the article. As
>it is, the point does not come until later and the whole article,
>although correct, is difficult to read even for knowlegeable native
>English speakers, and probably *very* difficult for others.
>Having said that, it is very difficult and I could not do it myself at
>Best, Theo

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