Idea: science packs for schools?

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Fri Nov 25 20:08:38 UTC 2016

On 25/11/16 19:30, Fran├žois Revol wrote:
> Hello,
> On 25/11/2016 20:23, Roger Sicart Rams wrote:
>> Well, that could be part of the course, but I meant something more like
>> getting hands dirty hacking the hardware/software kit.
> Although the idea is nice (and I did start on old 8bit computers in the
> class), there are also ways to learn code without actually using
> computers, for the younger ones:
> Fran├žois.

I agree,  you can teach about networking too i think

if you take 2 people and give them a sticker with an IP adress on and
throw a tennis ball to each other,  this is like pings,  if 1 person
drops it,  then that is like lost packets

now take 3 or more people and when you throw the ball person 1 - 2
number 2 drops the ball unless they are told to pass the ball on to
person 3, this is i guess like a firewall allow packets through,   if
you use the port that say minecraft would use 35565 iirc, then this
would be something the children may relate to (well teh game at least(

so in order to play MC online the computer you connect to must allow
packets in to the server software.

Granted this kind of simplistic but it may teach the ideas behind
networking port forwarding, firewalls etc


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