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El 25 de noviembre de 2016 13:32:25 GMT+00:00, Matthias Kirschner <mk at> escribió:
>I'd like to get some feedback about some ideas floating around my head
>at the moment, and thought that some of you might be able to help here.
>I was talking with some people who would like to fund some concrete
>Software activities, focusing on research and education. 
>One idea which came up is to support pupils to learn more about how
>computer work, and promote hacking by providing "science packs" with
>small hackable computers, and some modules, sensors etc. 
>What do you think about making it easier for pupils to get access to
>such tools. E.g. by having some packs in the libraries or for school
>I would be interested what you think about that, as I am not yet sure
>about it. 
>If you like it, do you have an idea how you could make sure that
>children who are interested in that are connected around Europe? (E.g.
>in Germany there is something called "Jugend hackt" -- youth is hacking
>-- Is there something similar on a EU level? Or are there other ideas?)
>Thanks for your feedback, 
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In UK there are codeclubs which are outside of school hours.

Libre hardware/software would be nice to give out a community project: a bus countdown system, an irrigation,... children would be given different tasks: code, docs, research, hardware, installation,...
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