Implementing a code of conduct?

mray mail at
Fri Nov 4 08:05:22 UTC 2016

On 03.11.2016 15:19, Erik Albers wrote:
> Dear all,
> 	Are you in favor or against having a general Code of Conduct?

+1: In favor.

> 	Are you in favor or against having this Code of Conduct?

Sections like "Be collaborative" and "Be open" make me cringe. You
literally explain how collaboration can be problematic, but then
prescribe collaboration – next to "real" issues like harassment.

Do we want to exclude Free Software supporters that are not
collaborative? That does not sound "open" to me, and supporting free
software is always a way of collaboration in my eyes.

Maybe a clear distinction between:

 – what is encouraged

 – what will NOT be tolerated

would help?
I appreciate the work you're doing here, thanks!


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