Implementing a code of conduct?

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Hi list,

Op 03-11-16 om 18:27 schreef David Gerard:
> On 3 November 2016 at 17:15, André Ockers <ao at> wrote:
>> 2.    The alternatives are way more effective, as they keep everybody in
>> a free mindset and nobody has to police over their Fellows:
>>         a)    encourage people to strengthen themselves to be assertive,
>> so they feel strong enough to say what they don't like.
>>         b)    encourage as FSFE that if an incident happens to people to
>> contact the local police,
>>         c)    organise it so that there is a safe somebody to talk to on
>> FSFE organised events (could also be there to report positive things to!).
> Again, this is wishful thinking that doesn't work out this way.

You don't know this because we haven't tried this out yet.

If you don't believe that assertive, confident Fellows who have somebody
to talk to and who will be encouraged to go to the police is a good
thing, then go ahead.

In your way, only lawyers win, and verbally weaker Fellows can get
stigmatised for no reason, but you don't care about that.

"This is not America" - David Bowie.

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