Implementing a code of conduct?

Erik Albers eal at
Thu Nov 3 14:19:30 UTC 2016

Dear all,

we (the local coordinators, country coordinators, team coordinators, the GA
and the extended team including individual contributors) have been working on
a Code of Conduct for FSFE events and communication. The wish came up by
individual requests of people who felt attacked and by the fact that nowadays
some sponsors (e.g. Mozilla) do not sponsor anymore events that do not have a
clear Code of Conduct.

We now feel that we have a final version at hand and would like to establish
it soon:

On the German general discussion list however, there have been some voices
raised against having a Code of Conduct at all. Without repeating arguments
and without trying to influence you, I would like to ask about your opinion:

	Are you in favor or against having a general Code of Conduct?
	Are you in favor or against having this Code of Conduct?

We are happy about simple yes/no answers but feel free to also elaborate your

Thank you very much,

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