A European Commission software, which tries to steal user's rights?

Jann Eike KRUSE jannkruse at fsfe.org
Thu May 19 19:49:29 UTC 2016

Hi all!

This is a message to the legal experts on this list:

I find the EULA of the "Electronic Exchange System" (EES) rather nasty: [1]

--- QUOTE: ---
Without prejudice to the rights of users under the legislation relating
to the protection of computer programs (which cannot be contractually
denied), users may not in any way:
 (a) modify, translate or adapt the EES;
 (b) decompile or disassemble the EES;
 (c) copy the EES (or parts of it);
 (d) pass on, dispose of, grant as a sub-licence, lease, lend or
distribute EES or EES documentation to third parties;
 (e) create any product or service substantially similar to EES; or
 (f) copy any ideas, characteristics or functions of EES.
--- END QUOTE ---

Point (c) is just a bit funny, because I just copied part of the EEC
onto my computer screen by using it... ;)

But really parts (e) and (f) are alarming. :-(

It seems to me, that the Commission is actively supporting the concept
of software patents.
This reminds me of the Adobe EULA problem:

And then the EC tries to protect the validity of the EULA by adding
"Without prejudice to the rights of users..."

Any ideas what can be done about this?
Are there activities regarding such?



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