system-hackers service agreement

Florian Snow floriansnow at
Thu May 19 19:26:36 UTC 2016

Hi Daniel,

Thank you for all those suggestions.  I think it is a bit early to set
up such an agreement.  We just started the first team and we will need
to figure out how to best work between the system hackers and blog

Since we don't have big requirements, the blogs are a nice testing
ground for this cooperation.  Right now, my suggested guideline would
Anything OS related is the system hackers' responsibility and anything
application/service related the blog hackers' responsibility.  That
line may become a bit more blurred in the future and then we need to
decide how to continue from there.  Right now, the differentiation is
pretty clear though, especially if we use Wordpress from upstream.

I am a big fan of planning things ahead of time, but at this time, I
wouldn't know what to plan.  We have a running setup that needs to be
migrated.  The result will probably not be the ideal solution yet, but
a step to make the blogs reliable again.  For the time being, the blog
hackers team need to find out the necessary steps for the migration.
Generally, we are talking about exporting the database and
the files, and then testing upgrade paths on the new system.  There
may be additional in-between steps that we will need to determine
first.  For example, this morning, the MySQL dump did not run cleanly
and that means the database needs to be fixed first.  There are
probably other things we need to figure out along the way.

After that, we will have a better overview of what we have and what we
think we should have.  This will enable us to make good decisions
about the future of the platform in regards to technology.  That may
be the time to set up the kind of service agreement you suggested.

For the time being, I am happy to just contact Albert quickly to say
"Hey, would you please have a look at this.".  That is also a more
efficient use of ressources with limited man-power right now.

Happy hacking!

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