Yubikey 4 becoming non-free

Florian Snow floriansnow at fsfe.org
Wed May 18 16:16:57 UTC 2016

Hi Werner,

Werner Koch <wk at gnupg.org> writes:
> Actually RMS uses such a card himself.  He told me a few years ago
> that it does not matter because it is technically not possible to
> change the software running on the card.

I know he makes that distinction and I agree with him that it doesn't
matter in practial terms, but I would say that it still matters in
principle.  It should be free, even if I cannot change it personally.
He may or may not disagree with that stance, but I don't know that.

> If you want a free implementation of an OpenPGP compliant token, you
> should look at gnuk <http://www.fsij.org/category/gnuk.html>.

Thank you for telling me about that.  I will have a look.  To be fair,
I don't really need a smartcard right now anyway.  I am happy having
my GnuPG keys on an encrypted hard drive.  That does not protect
against every kind of attack, but it is good enough at the moment (and
I get to use larger keys).

Happy hacking!

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