participant sought for panel discussion on privacy & security issues

Daniel Pocock daniel at
Thu May 12 09:00:15 UTC 2016

This was raised on the FSFE Manchester list:

I had some discussion with the organizers, they intend to have some
panel discussions, including one on Personal Data/Cyber Security Issues
as they relate to mobility and transport services and they had asked if
I could join that.

It looks like a good publicity and networking opportunity, probably most
appropriate for somebody who is interested in the intersection of big
data, free/open source software and public transport/mobility services.
 It would be good to see a voice there from somebody who has solid
understanding of software freedom principles and how using them properly
can address those challenges.  I had looked at going up there myself but
I have a couple of other projects going on that make it hard for me to
give a definitive commitment.

I don't know if they have travel budget available, if anybody is
interested they would need to discuss with the organizers or maybe query
FSFE.  There are various local free software groups, including FSFE
Manchester, Manchester Free Software and some groups at the university.
 Having lived up there, I can highly recommend visiting Manchester and
for anybody who may go there from outside the UK, there are many direct
flights, you don't have to go via London.

Please contact Simon (on CC) if you would like more details.



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