Quick update from FSFE WikiCaretakers

Guido Arnold guido at fsfe.org
Thu Mar 17 11:26:00 UTC 2016

Hello everybody,

Here's a quick update on the upgrade/migration of FSFE's Wiki [1] and 
the little group of "Caretakers" who wanted to focus on reorganizing and 
improving the content of it.

Technical questions, reporting bugs, etc should still be reported to web 
<at> fsfeurope.org

The group of CareTakers, which you may join any time btw, collects plans 
and ideas on their dedicated name space in the wiki [2]. You may join 
our discussions on our QuickML [3] either to point something out or to 
offer help.

While we are working on pages, we agreed to chitchat about it on the 
Fellowship XMPP MUC [4].



PS: I'll send a similar note to fsfe-de@ mailinglist. Feel free to 
spread the word into mailing lists in other languages, too!

[1] https://wiki.fsfe.org/FSFE%20Fellowship%20Wiki

[2] https://wiki.fsfe.org/WikiAdmin/WikiCaretakers

[3] WikiCareTakers<at>q.fsfe.org
     More info on QuickML: https://wiki.fsfe.org/Migrated/quickml
[4] fellowship at conference.jabber.fsfe.org
     More info on FSFE MUC: https://wiki.fsfe.org/Migrated/XMPP
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