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# Fabian Keil [16.03.2016 @ 15:38]:
> I've heard that claim before, but consider it FUD as article 3
> of the directive ends with:
> "The Commission shall be empowered to adopt delegated acts in
> accordance with Article 44 specifying which categories or classes
> of radio equipment are concerned by each of the requirements set
> out in points (a) to (i) of the first subparagraph of this paragraph."
> Therefore it's unclear at this time if and how the directive will
> affect free software or "routers, mobile phones, WiFi, Bluetooth, GPS
> ..." in general.

Well, right now, it's pretty clear. All devices (with some narrow
exceptions which do not include normal users or Free Software in
general) are affected which send or receive radio waves.

> Given how unrealistic some of the requirements from article 3 are
> (even when using proprietary software), it also seems unlikely to
> me that compliance will be actually enforced.

It may be considered unlikely that the European Commission will not use
its mandate to further define classes which are (not) affected. Our goal
is to make the exceptions as broad as possible for users of Free
Software and consumer electronics.

In my opinion we must not rest on a false confidence that political
institutions will somehow find a good solution magically, or that the
regulations are too strict so manufacturers will not make the compliance
checks. Right now, it can be considered FUD. We have to change that, for
our benefit.

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