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Mon Mar 14 16:20:22 UTC 2016

Dear all,

Maybe you heard of the Radio Equipment Directive already. It's a
directive passed by the European Parliament forcing radio device
manufacturers (routers, mobile phones, WiFi, Bluetooth, GPS...) from
around 2017 on to check every software able to run on the respective
devices to be compliant with applicable radio laws (e.g. frequency or

Seeming to be reasonable at first sight, this directive will cause huge
damage to Free Software, innovation, security, fair competition,
volunteering and more. We have been in contact with many actors around
this issue since a few months already; now we published our official
information page about the EU Radio Directive, trying to summarise all
necessary background info, bad consequences, and recommendations how to
improve the situation:

Please share your thoughts on this issue, and please also speak with
friends and colleagues about it. Feel free to help us gathering more
information and share it on this list or with me directly. Thanks!

Best regards,

P.S.: In the USA, the FCC wants to push a quite similar law. Let us try
to at least protect Europe from such damage, and let's hope the US
activists will be successful as well.

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