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Hello all

On 7 de junio de 2016 12:47:33 GMT+02:00, Vitaly Repin
<vitaly_repin at fsfe.org> wrote:
>I came with a little bit strange question here.  Has anybody ever heard
>about any organizations which provide formal trainings / certification
>open source / free software expertise?
>I do not mean the technical expertise in specific open source software.
>rather the OSS contributions / licensing issues - e.g., to know what is
>difference between copyright and copyleft, what is the difference
>AGPL, GPL and LGPL, why it is a bad practice to copy the code from open
>source project into closed-sourced project without looking to the
>Thanks in advance!

In Spain some Universities have offered Master Degree on Free
Software, including legal aspects, project managements tools and
policies, case studies...

I studied one of them in Universidad Rey Juan Carlos ( www.urjc.es )
in 2010/2012. The teaching materials were licensed with freedom
document licenses, all in english, and are still available in:


(the mswl-* folders correspond to each academic year's subjects, for
the different years they offered the master).

Unfortunately that master programme is not offered anymore.

Another University that offered similar studies is Universidad Oberta
de Catalunya ( www.uoc.es ). I believe all their teaching material is
free licensed too, and in English available, but they don't offer
those studies anymore. I think their master was more sysadmin-oriented
but it also included some legal aspects. There are some subject with
material published in Spanish and Catalan, for example:


The Free Technology Academy offers some modules:

Concepts of Free Software and Open Standards
Economic aspects of Free Software
Legal aspects of the Information Society


Probably some law or library faculties offer some master degrees or
courses about software/content licenses too.

Best regards
Laura Arjona Reina

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