Invitation to Coliberator 2016

Tiberiu-Cezar Tehnoetic tct at
Wed Jun 1 14:15:27 UTC 2016

Dear FSFE community,

You are invited to join Ceata at Coliberator this weekend (June 4-5) at
ASE university in Bucharest, Romania (a capital-city with many flight
connections to Europe and at affordable prices). Drop by our new website:

(shorter link, perfect for promotion:

and register today. The event is donation-based, but please note that
donations are not required for participation, one can simply register by
clicking on "Remind me later, confirm without donating" or by setting
the donation level to zero.

Coliberator is a very good opportunity to learn, meet and share
experiences with like-minded people running freedom-respecting projects
and visionary ideas.

FSFE has been with Coliberator from the beginning, former president
Karsten Gerloff being keynote speaker at the first edition in 2013 (the
same year Ceata has been incorporated as foundation).

Register today for this weekend event in Bucharest:

Do you enjoy system hacking and low-level hacking? This Coliberator
edition is perfect for you: Replicant and GNU Libreboot keynotes and
parallel workshops coordinated by developer Paul Kocialkowski.

Are you a web developer or designer? Coliberator 2016 is the perfect
opportunity to learn how to implement Drupal, Wordpress, and prototype
with Bootstrap, and share good practices.

Are you a privacy concerned web citizen? Coliberator with this edition
keynotes and lightning talks is the right place to learn how to start
protecting your personal information online.

Are you a user who wants to be in control of her own computer, who
despites surveillance, software backdoors and unjust power of developers
of proprietary software over their users? Come join us and make this
edition of Coliberator a success for software freedom and user privacy.

Register today for Coliberator 2016:

Despite the short-notice (the organization of Coliberator is all based
on volunteer work), we hope to see some of you in Bucharest this
weekend, we'll have a great time and add another building block to
forming the free digital society we deserve!

Thank GNU,

Tiberiu-Cezar Tehnoetic | President, Fundația Ceata
GPG: 900CECE2 | Phone: +40-761-810-100

Support Free Software and Free Culture!
Join Ceata:

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