Creative team wanted for an image film project

Cellini Bedi cellini at
Fri Jul 29 12:57:07 UTC 2016

Hello everyone :)

Just to give a small background first, I am the intern of the FSFE. Erik
and I were discussing on how I should create a team for an image film
project of the first ever summit / 15th year celebration of the FSFE
that is going to take place on September 2,3,4.

I have a tiny background of creating videos/editing them and a small
portfolio of my works, but will need to create a small A-Team for this
video project. Of course when creating a project like this, we need
creative minds to brainstorm on the script, the idea, the theme and also
technical stuffs on who has a good camera, mic etc etc. So if you know
anyone interested in volunteering for a fun project like this please let
me know! They could email me back and also probably apply for the
scholarship program

Thanks for your time! Hope someone can reply if they know someone who
could be interested in this :)



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