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> Den 11-07-2016 kl. 11:39 skrev Daniel Pocock:
>> How do you feel about using the more verbose "free and open source
>> software"?
> I like that better and often use it myself as a kind of compromise.

I am not really sure if that verbose is appropriate, even though I'd love
to use myself. It all depends on the relationship/connection between FSFE
and FSF. Because FSF would never like the idea nor approve the usage of the
verbose open source, or better, Stallman would never approve knowing him:-)

Personally I think we should break this ice between Free Software and Open
Source as to me they are nothing else but father and child to each other.

> Sadly, the term "free" is often misused and the wider public is not
>> always aware what we are talking about.
>> However, that is a problem which might be better solved by education.
> A couple of years ago, when I visited Brazil for the first time (I've been
> there only twice, so don't want to sound too well-travelled) I was very
> pleasantly surprised that ordinary people, i.e. non-technical social
> activists, immediately understood what I meant when I said I was working
> with "free software" without me having to explain.
> That's because the Lula government and the Ministry of Culture under
> Gilberto Gil did *a lot* to promote the concept and to promote the idea of
> community-created and -used software, not least among the social movements.
> Free software has not, of course, won a convincing victory in Brazil, but
> it just goes to show that it *is* possible.
I can confirm this as I was part of a massive group who were engaged by
Brazilian government at that time (2006) to setup government IT
infrastructure (i.e. government institutions, schools, etc.), where
Gilberto Gil dispatched his staff all over Europe to get people who can
help in doing that.

So it is a great example indeed and the only country that fully engaged on
Free Software.

> Best
> Carsten
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