The FSFE summit

Tiberiu-Cezar Tehnoetic tct at
Mon Jul 11 09:44:05 UTC 2016

On 11.07.2016 12:39, Daniel Pocock wrote:
> On 11/07/16 11:27, Carsten Agger wrote:
>> unhappy to see the term "open source" featuring so prominently in an
>> event sponsored by the FSFE.  I do believe RMS is right in his reasons
>> to reject the term, one of them being that it is kind of a
>> "business-friendly" way of avoiding the issue of freedom.

I was surprised myself and I agree with Carsten.

>> We should not endorse the avoidance of the issue of freedom, are my
>> thoughts. This should, in my conception, be a defining difference
>> between an event like this, organized by the FSFE, and a conference such
>> as FOSDEM, whose aim is more general.

> How do you feel about using the more verbose "free and open source
> software"?
> Sadly, the term "free" is often misused and the wider public is not
> always aware what we are talking about.

We can always use "libre software" if the target audience is not
educated. But being a _summit_, I believe the target are us, free
software activists and developers.



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