FOSSA - Now we need feedback by the real experts

Matthias Kirschner mk at
Mon Jul 11 08:01:15 UTC 2016

The goal of the "Free and Open Source Security Audit" (FOSSA) pilot
project is to increase security of Free Software used by the European
institutions. The FSFE has been following the project since the early
beginning in 2014. I am concerned that if the project stays on its
current course the European Institutions will spent a large part of the
1 Million Euro budget without positive impact on the security of Free
Software; and the result will be a set of consultancy reports nobody
will ever read. But if we work together and communicate our concerns to
the responsible people in the Parliament and the Commission, there might
still be a valuable outcome.

Here the blog post with more background information about it:

As written in the post: As you are the real experts, now we need your
feedback. What do you think about the deliverables themselves and what
about our comments so far? I am especially interested if you benefit
from the recommendations

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