Become a wiki caretaker!

Johannes Zarl-Zierl jzarl at
Mon Feb 29 21:57:35 UTC 2016

That's great news ;-)

On Monday 29 February 2016 22:22:22 Paul Hänsch wrote:
> Having access to the server I can migrate pages from the old Wiki
> easily, including their edit history.
> I have already started migrating permission groups and some pages,
> which are protected by ACLs. Visitors of those pages will be redirected
> to
> When I am done with those critical parts (~90 pages), I could move all
> remaining, unprotected pages to some incoming section of the new wiki
> and we can move them into place, and rename them from there. This
> affects some 1500 pages, but as they are not completely unordered, we
> can move a lot of them in Bulk (e.g. the FellowshipGroup and Fellows
> pages, including sub pages).

Is it possible to add a category during the migration step?
If so, it might be a good idea to add something like CategoryMigration or 
CategoryTodo, so that it is easy to spot pages that nobody looked at, yet...


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