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Paul Hänsch paul at
Mon Feb 29 21:22:22 UTC 2016

OK, I've set up a special permission group in the new wiki:

Members of this group will be able to set up top level pages. They do  
also have general admin rights where permissions are not otherwise  
given, *but* they do not supersede existing ACLs.

On 2016-02-29 19:35:23, Johannes Zarl-Zierl wrote:
> On a different topic: Do we have a schedule for the effort as a whole?
> I.e. do we (want to) have deadlines for the end of planning-phase, as  
> well as
> for first, second, third sweep?

I hereby declare as writable. I think we should  
switch it into production within the next week. Content created there  
now on will be retained when this happens. We should move this fast to  
keep the migration phase smooth.

Please think of top level structures, categories and templates and set  
them up.

Also read and edit

Having access to the server I can migrate pages from the old Wiki  
easily, including their edit history.

I have already started migrating permission groups and some pages,  
which are protected by ACLs. Visitors of those pages will be redirected  

When I am done with those critical parts (~90 pages), I could move all  
remaining, unprotected pages to some incoming section of the new wiki  
and we can move them into place, and rename them from there. This  
affects some 1500 pages, but as they are not completely unordered, we  
can move a lot of them in Bulk (e.g. the FellowshipGroup and Fellows  
pages, including sub pages).

We will make sure that the old Wiki cannot be edited anymore while we  
are in this phase.

> Looking a bit further into the future: we could probably turn this  
> whole
> effort into an annual Wiki Spring cleaning...

Yes, sounds good. What we do this time is a special case though. We are  
moving wiki instances here. Future work will be less troublesome and  
will probably not require write protecting pages in the process.

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