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Mon Feb 29 06:53:15 UTC 2016

Hi Paul,

Paul Hänsch <paul at>, Sunday, 28 February 2016, 22:30:45 CET:
> your proposal is well timed. I am in the process of preparing an
> update for the Wiki software. I was planning to migrate Wiki pages
> and to sort them into sensible hierarchy in the process.

I heard you were working on something there (I thought mostly design 
related), but I was unaware that you would reorganize content during the 

> Specific changes are:
>   - We will have a navigation menu that can be edited as a Wiki page.

Awesome!  I think this will be tremendously useful!

>   - Functional pages, like Access Groups will have their own namespace
> (did you know, that the page FellowshipGroup has an accidental effect
> on the  interpretation of ACLs)

No, I did not know that.  I hope it is a positive effect and not a 
hassle for you.

>   - I don't think we should retain the "auto admin group" feature, I
> find it confusing and  it's probably causing unexpected effects.

I'm not sure what that is.

> This way new pages would automatically have to find a category, even
> if this categroy is simply "Misc".

That sounds good.  That means the caretakers wouldn't constantly need to 
check all pages, but just the pages in the misc category so those pages 
can possibly be assigned other categories.

> This makes it easyer to have overview pages with automatic
> listings etc.

Speaking of which:  Is there a way to easily set up portal pages similar 
to the ones on Wikipedia?  I found the include() macro, but not much 
else and if we want to use include() to get abstracts or something 
similar, we need to manually define abstracts on those pages.

> Content that usually goes to the main website so far, will more likely
> find its way to the wiki in the future.

Great!  That was something else I had thought about as well.  The team 
pages for example would be a great candidate to be moved.

Generally speaking, would it make sense to move pages to the new wiki as 
we are reorganizing or should all the content stay on the current wiki 
for the time being?  I'm not sure what the plans for the technical side 
are, that's why I'm asking.

Happy hacking!

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