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Sun Feb 28 21:30:45 UTC 2016

On 2016-02-26 18:22:37, Florian Snow wrote:
> If you would like to support us in this effort, just send me an email  
> so
> we can coordinate.  I set up a pad with some suggestions [1]; please
> have a look.  Please do not perform all of these changes yet; some of
> them need some more discussion.  Feel free to leave any comments on  
> the
> pad if you disagree with a point I made.

Hello Florian,

your proposal is well timed. I am in the process of preparing an update  
for the Wiki software. I was planning to migrate Wiki pages and to sort  
them into sensible hierarchy in the process.

Have a look at:

(the test host is runnning under the certificate of the productive  
host, hence the SSL warning)

Specific changes are:
  - We will have a navigation menu that can be edited as a Wiki page.
  - Functional pages, like Access Groups will have their own namespace
    (did you know, that the page FellowshipGroup has an accidental  
effect on
    the  interpretation of ACLs)
  - We will not have wiki guest accounts anymore. Instead we have  
started to
    offer free volunteer fellowship accounts, which makes our work as  
    administrators a lot easier. Additionally wiki editors will be able  
    make pages anonymously writable.
  - Because of the former, I am setting up better spam protection.
  - I don't think we should retain the "auto admin group" feature, I  
find it
    confusing and  it's probably causing unexpected effects.  
    ACLs should be a sufficient replacement
  - I am thinking about putting a write protection on the top most  
    level. We will figure out sections in which to grant full  
permissions then.
    E.g. we would have a page like FellowshipGroups/ where each group  
    maintain their own subpage structure with self choosen Permissions
    and a page like TechDocs or FellowShipServices or whatever makes  
sense. This
    way new pages would automatically have to find a category, even if  
    categroy is simply "Misc".
    This makes it easyer to have overview pages with automatic listings  

In the long run we are planning to put the Wiki at a more prominent  
place within the zoo of fellowship services. Content that usually goes  
to the main website so far, will more likely find its way to the wiki  
in the future.

The proposals in the etherpad are great, I like all of them.

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