An editable survey for the upcoming FSFE summit

Erik Albers eal at
Thu Feb 11 11:06:22 UTC 2016

Dear all,

On September 2-4 this year, the FSFE will run its first summit. This summit
shall be for and by you, our community. To achieve this goal and to make it a
good experience for everyone, we like to involve you in our planning from the
very first beginning.

In April, there will be an official call for sessions for the summit. To
already get this call into the right direction, however, we like to run a
survey ahead. Please excuse my brevity and see this survey as an experiment
that is editable by everyone as you find it in our wiki : )

You can answer one or more questions, with long or short text. You are invited
to add additional points.

If you have any questions, please discuss them in this thread so others can
also benefit from answers.

Thank you for your participation,

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