anti-establishment movements and the information age

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> On 08 Feb 2016, at 11:28, Daniel Pocock <daniel at> wrote:
>> We constantly reach out to political parties, attend their meetings, give
>> workshops, talk with staffers, etc. 
> How does this group appear in relation to others?
> The main thing that caught my eye is that they are unified by an
> emphasis on democracy, despite the fact that many of the people involved
> have significant differences in other policy areas.  Democracy is also
> something that is now heavily connected with digital freedom.  In
> Richard Stallman's talk the other day, he was emphasizing software
> freedom should be considered as fundamental as the right to public
> assembly or the right to vote.

I agree with your argument that groups aiming at improving democracy are better served with free software. I would be rather careful with connecting Richard’s statements with the demand for democracy in the EU. Mandatory software freedom as he demands and democracy are not inherently connected.

> Has there been any effort to survey or catalog free software use in such
> groups, parties, lobbying organizations and see how it evolves over
> time?  Some are notoriously bad at it, having something to compare them
> against could be helpful.

I am not aware of something like this. 


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