anti-establishment movements and the information age

Daniel Pocock daniel at
Sun Feb 7 08:49:50 UTC 2016

On 05/02/16 15:19, Mirko Boehm wrote:
> Hi, 
>> On 05 Feb 2016, at 14:22, Daniel Pocock <daniel at> wrote:
>> The UK may have an anti-EU referendum in 3 months.  Yanis Varoufakis
>> (controversial former Greek finance minister who rides motorbikes[1]) is
>> now trying to create some movement of pro-EU democracy activists under
>> the name DiEM25[2] with a launch in Berlin next week.
>> What is notably absent from debates on both the left and right of the
>> spectrum is any talk about the role of proprietary technology, big data
>> and the cloud.  Many of the social problems created by big data are
>> global.  The DiEM25 people are talking about "bringing back" democracy,
>> but I suspect that with their web site simply linking to Facebook and
>> Twitter they are simply another well-intentioned group transferring a
>> little more power into the hands of a few privileged people in Silicon
>> Valley.
>> Is anybody in FSFE reaching out to any of these groups - anywhere in the
>> political spectrum - to see if there are areas for collaboration?
> I wanted to attend the event but did not get an invitation or a ticket. I would be interested in participating.

How do people get the tickets, or are they purchased at the door?

I wrote a blog about their reliance on facebook[1], some people have
probably seen it on planet already.

If people from this campaign or any other like it wanted to bootstrap
themselves in a Free manner, do we have solutions for them? Has anybody
ever written a guide or anything else to get people started?


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