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Tue Dec 20 23:39:48 UTC 2016

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Subject: [unciv] SFYW @ 33c3
Date: Tue, 20 Dec 2016 23:03:57 +0100
From: hellekin <hellekin at dyne.org>

Dear squirrels,

this year I was compelled to bring myself trouble and come to 33c3 with
a heavy-weight load of books.  'software freedom your way' is like a
Pandora's box for free software and technological circles.  So far the
process of making it was hampered by many obstacles, yet the book has
taken physical form, and I'll bring printed copies to the Congress,
which topic coincidentally matches quite perfectly.

I hope you will like it!  It's online already, and licensed under Free
Art: https://bxl.dyne.org/actions/software-freedom-your-way

Please address your criticism here and to
https://talk.devuan.org/t/software-freedom-your-way/592 or Twitter (see
https://twitter.com/hellekin/status/810236115554803712) whether you like
the content or not: it covers some very important topics that need to be
addressed, and I need your support.



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