What's so important about the ethics of free software?

Jonas Oberg jonas at fsfe.org
Mon Dec 19 20:32:29 UTC 2016

Hi Charles, J.B.;

> If you are going to quote me then please quote the relevant context, which
> was:

I will agree with Charles here. J.B., I believe you misread Charles'
intention. Alternatively, you mean to say that only through the
acts of sharing, and modifying a program, can you learn how it works.

> According to FSF(E) doctrine, however, I am "unjust" and "immoral".

I would kindly ask you here, Charles, from refraining from lumping
the FSF and FSFE together: while working towards the same goal (free
software), we are distinctly different: organisationally, personally,
financially, and otherwise. Our opinions often overlap, but not always.

If you find wording which would support your view that the FSFE would
consider this "unjust" or "immoral" on the FSFE website, I would like
to know them.

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