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Jonas Oberg jonas at
Wed Aug 24 12:28:49 UTC 2016

Hi everyone,

> Looking at the thread about the new blog team, it is clear that some
> things are dependent on the relationship that teams have with the
> system-hackers group
> Ignoring the current configuration of the systems, what is the ideal
> service that the system-hackers would like to be able to provide?

With this as input, I now took the time to summarise some of the
thoughts around this and start writing a draft service agreement for
our infrastructure. I created a small team (sla-hackers) where we can
discuss this further:

If you want to join this team, all you need to do is to join its
QuickML mailing list, which you do by sending a mail to
sla-hackers at with yourself in Cc [^1].

What I put together so far in terms of a draft is available here:


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