Mailing list scheduled for migration

Jonas Oberg jonas at
Thu Aug 18 10:57:48 UTC 2016

Dear team,

The FSFE is engage in a longterm project to migrate a lot of our older
lists to our newest list server. As we do this, we automatically move
all the settings, content and other information to the new list server.
We also forward all mails that go to the old address, to the new address.

This mailing list is scheduled to be in the next batch of mailing
lists migrated, and is expected to happen one of the next days. When
the migration is done, you will receive a separate mail about this.
You can continue using the list as before, both before and after the

Please note, however, that the List-ID header for the mailing list
will change: this ID is automatically generated by Mailman and
consists of the list name and its domain name. As the domain name
changes (from to, the List-ID will also
change with it.

If you have any questions, you're welcome to reach out to me, or to
system-hackers at


Jonas Öberg, Executive Director
Free Software Foundation Europe | jonas at
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