[summit] looking for a passionate developer for our schedule

Erik Albers eal at fsfe.org
Tue Aug 16 11:33:11 UTC 2016

Am 10/08/16 um 16:20 schrieb Daniel Pocock:
> I would suggest a simple strategy for this would involve:
> a) getting QtCon to expose it in iCalendar format
> b) using any other tool or script to read the iCalendar data and render it as HTML to be hosted on a static web server
> There are some Python scripts that can do some of that already, if one of them is sufficient then it may only be necessary to create an FSFE template for it.
> I commented on similar things on the debian-project mailing list some time ago, one of our GSoC students, Harsh Daftary, has been working with iCalendar data for task lists/bugs and events.

thank you very much for the pointers. Unfortunately you do not know someone
who not only knows about it but also likes to realize that as well?

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