[France] Court case against the agreement between the French ministry of education and Microsoft

Piotr Chmielnicki piotr at chmielnicki.com
Wed Aug 10 21:12:11 UTC 2016


There is a controversy here about an agreement made between Microsoft
and the french state. That agreement would make Microsoft's ecosystem a
default in class rooms. Microsoft would be in charge of training the
French teachers on tech and would provide the software for the courses
(fo free) [1, French].

Today, a group called EduNathon [2, French] is contesting the agreement
with a legal action [3, French]. The goal of EduNathon is to promote
FOSS in schools.

Is the FSFE going to act on this topic ? IMHO, any form of action, even
a simple statement, would be a good think.

If there is some help I could provide on this topic, I would be happy to
do so.

Have a nice day,

Piotr Chmielnicki (@piotrcki)


2: http://edunathon.org/


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