US Federal Source Code Policy

Matthias Kirschner mk at
Tue Aug 9 06:49:40 UTC 2016

In March I wrote about the draft of the US Source Code Policy
Now it is finished and published here:

We plan to use that in the next months as an example for European
countries. That's why I would be interested in your view if a) we should
recommend something similar in other European countries, and b) what
should be changed.

Beside that, as I am not familiar with the political system in the US,
maybe someone here can help me to answer them:

- Do I understand that correct that this is a "presidential memo"? 
- If so, it should soon also appear on
- Are presidential memos considered a bit less important than executive
- How binding are those presidential memos? E.g. what happens if an
  agency acts against it?
- Do I understand correct that another president can invalidate such a
  presidential memo?

Thank you,

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