Uncorrectable freedom and security issues on x86 platforms

Marc Landolt mail at marclandolt.ch
Sat Apr 23 03:28:10 UTC 2016

Hello Timothy Pearson

wouldn't this way not be better:
(compy of the Text below)

with kind regards
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Wouldn’t it be more useful / **rational** / environment-saving to
legally gain access to the hidden (anti-)features of #Intel ME or the

-There are to much x86 Systems in use => d$/dt

-If these Systems eg have access to things like #US4877027
#WO2005055579A1 #US6169924B1 #US6506148 it does not really help to have
one single system, that is not infected

-I guess ARM also isn’t State-Less-Computing [1]
[me.TODO<learningList>.add(“Read ARM Specs”)]

-Worst case raptorengineeringinc.com would be a CIA/NSA #HoneyPot to
find gifted FOSS Users for “pinguen-hunt” ?
-it has the nasty eagle in the logo
-twice the link is shown, so people click on it in the end => one exit
point from this post (n!)
-d$/dt would end at raptorengineeringinc.com
-expensive 3700$, you can buy a Orange PI for 24$ inclusive shipment cost

“raptor and engineering” would attract ~20 Year old people, that just
woke up from the american dream
-raptor sounds cool
-engineering appeals to the low self-esteem from 20 Year old man (like
we all) that have not been cared of by their parents
-inc suggests company, group, low self-esteem
(Prerequisites: People that are alone += 🐧🐧🐧🐧)

word count of the post:

-“more POWER” ⇨ low self-esteem ⇦ Stupid Parents!!!

Things we already know:

#Linux #Anon #Anonymous ?
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