BERs input (Re: Input for 'Future of the Internet' - 10 April)

André Ockers ao at
Thu Apr 28 15:36:01 UTC 2016

Dear Matthias,

Op 28-04-16 om 08:03 schreef Matthias Kirschner:
> Do others also want to share their input here?

The conclusion of my input:

Governments would be working to the benefit of the population if they
would use and support free software, open standards, defend
netneutrality<> and strong
encryption<>, stop mass
surveillance<> and keep allowing
federation<>, so that there will be
more level playing field, more democratic legitimacy and a much safer
internet. It's not rocket science to go free software, as the French
police and the city of Munich have demonstrated. It takes good will and

I've also shared this on Quitter [1].

Best regards,

André Ockers
Fellow, Free Software Foundation Europe

ao at
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Word lid van de Fellowship en bescherm uw vrijheid!


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