How to combat modern crappy websites?

Theo Schmidt sus2006 at
Mon Apr 25 07:17:12 UTC 2016

Am 24.04.2016 um 20:55 schrieb Paul Boddie:
>> ... and navigation isn't possible without Javascript. Ironically the
>> relaunch is justified by the need to be usable with mobile phones.
> What do they call that again? Adaptive layout? Usually involving pieces of the 
> page appearing jumbled in the browser before things suddenly jump into place, 
> often just as one is about to click on something, thanks to some JavaScript 
> element-decoration technique...

I'm not much of a web-designer, but I do know that adaptive layout can
be quite sensibly done alone with CSS. You can offer a classic design
for PC-screens and squeeze it or jumble it up only for small screens. A
problem seems to be physically small screens with a high resolution. I
don't know if CSS alone can cope with this. Also the custom of most
people holding their phones vertically instead of horizontally.

I can understand using Javascript instead of CSS and HTML for special
stuff, such as online calculators, but today's web designers are using
it more and more just for navigation. This we should fight.

> ...chorus of squealing influencers and those without the long-term perspectives 
> to realise just how absurd and wasteful this all is.

I can't seem to identify who these people actually are. Everybody I ask
says, leave it to the experts, they know what they are doing. I think
rather that they don't seem to.

Best, Theo

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