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Mon Apr 18 17:00:28 UTC 2016

The people who were put-up to accuse me of abuse, immaturity, or lack of
respect have already apologized to me in private (before i even had time to
register a .gripe TLD). Honestly, i don't blame them for doing whatever it
takes to get-by. But this is 2016 -- if you have not had time to read the
message or can not be bothered to explain you position that i have
"disrespected the others" please refrain from posting.

On 18 April 2016 at 12:53, Mauricio Nascimento <aurion at> wrote:

> I think you should grow up and have a bit of respect to the others.
> Cheers,
> Mauricio
> On 2016-04-18 18:05, Joe Awni wrote:
> Thinking my candidacy can be flushed away with a torrent of legal
> mumbo-jumbo emails messages?
> The Free Software movement is not some soft white absorbed fabric you can
> use to mop up the murky reality and discard when convenient nor is that the
> purpose of your country's legal system.
> Please see my original message, preserved for posterity:
> Do they really think i will swirl down the drain never to be heard from
> again?
> I cant blame them, more and more independent software developers are
> killing themselves or otherwise just deign. Aaron Swartz, Ian Murdock, or
> very recently the non-publicized untimely death of my friend Napoleon Kofi
> ( ). I am sure there are other independent
> software developers deign right now. Maybe we can wake up in a better world
> tomorrow, but with out action today its very unlikely.
> I don't mean to "point fingers" but feel i would be totally remiss if i
> did not mention the difficulties which i have faced to get my message of
> candidacy out (especially on IRC [not even sure if they were coders]). And,
> want to repeat my request that you please contact me!
> We are not looking to the FSFE for more of the same with emphasis on MORE
> and SAME; more similarly held elections are not the answer!
> Ask yourself, at any given moment, who is representing the ideals free
> software community? Guys in an office in Berlin or someone making
> GNUBurgers at FOSS events?
> On 18 April 2016 at 11:24, Joe Awni <joe.awni at> wrote:
>> Frankly, It's not possible for you to say the donors are "feeling quite
>> good" about this (unless you are talking about a rather small sub-set of
>> donors that do not represent independent software developers) for example,
>> I donated, and i wish there was more than one candidate.
>> Erik, No disrespect, you know me, and you know the struggle independent
>> Free Software developers face. Sure, most people know about Linux and
>> Firefox, but beyond that are totally clueless. Almost none seem to be aware
>> of the fact larger open source projects regularly port other projects'
>> unique features to their own platform thereby depriving other developers of
>> users and potential donors.
>> Companies that make their profit from being known as the kings of open
>> source think it's a good thing as they leave the rest of us out. I'm not
>> kidding, while the Mozilla team was being wined and dined in Brussels after
>> FOSDEM, i was getting beat-up and mugged half a block from the university
>> after eating falafel and french fries.
>> So, NO - your donors do not feel quite good (unless you mean the
>> mega-corps).
>> On 18 April 2016 at 10:37, Max Mehl <max.mehl at> wrote:
>>> # Joe Awni [18.04.2016 @ 16:17]:
>>> > How do you think donors would feel that you spend time and energy to
>>> > offer an empty election?
>>> I am positive they feel quite good since we comply with applicable laws
>>> and our own constitution. That's nothing I would like to see changed.
>>> Please feel invited to join our Fellowship and apply for next year's
>>> Fellowship elections as soon as the candidature phase is opened. We are
>>> happy about each and every applicant.
>>> Best,
>>> Max
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