Candidacy FSFE Fellowship Representative

Paul Boddie paul at
Mon Apr 18 12:14:51 UTC 2016

On Saturday 16. April 2016 13.15.10 Joe Awni wrote:
> Don't you think it anomalous to have an election with only one candidate?

Maybe it is, although it has happened before. Sorry if you mentioned that in 
your historical review, but I don't have time to read it properly at the 

As for this election (and for many if not most elections), I thought there was 
a deadline for declaring a candidacy, and given that the voting has been 
opened, that deadline will have been quite some time ago.

> Finally, It has come to my attention by means of blocked messages and
> delayed communications that those running the election would prevent you
> from voting for me (even as a write-in candidate) out of some misguided
> sense that they are "helping to make sure the people elected into the
> GA..."

No, I imagine that the list has some kind of new sender moderation and you've 
just ended up in a queue.

Honestly, I have my reservations about the democratic standards in most 
organisations, and the FSFE Fellowship is no exception in that regard, but 
there needs to be a constructive discussion about such things instead of 
finger-pointing and opaque references to past occurrences that mean nothing to 
the casual observer.


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